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The ever growing protagonist of international beaches, the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) gives a unique feeling, as close as possible to walk on water

Do you want to learn how to surf with a board and a paddle, or do you want to improve your paddling technique to intensify your fun and your workouts?

The SUP, or the Stand Up Paddle, is basically a variant of conventional surfing: in this modern version you stand and move around with the help of a paddle, on a board bigger than the common surfboard.

The SUP paddle therefore serves to maintain balance, to change direction, to move forward or backwards: it is both the steering wheel and the engine of our equipment. Why should those who have never practiced SUP throw themselves and try this sport? Simple: the fun is guaranteed, right from the very first attempts. Besides being extremely rewarding, simply cruising along the coast is also a great workout for everyone who wants to keep fit.

The SUP offers in fact a relaxed way to play and have fun in the water, with the added benefit of toning the whole body: it is no coincidence that many windsurfers, kitesurfers and surfers, on days of flat sea and weak wind, practice SUP to keep fit (and not to stay too far from the water).

Why should you choose Point Break School for your Stand Up Paddle course in Fuerteventura?

It is a simple question, which has many good answers:

Because once we were exactly like you, and we remember it very well

We were also beginners, and to get where we are we have already done the path that you will have to follow. And starting from our past experience we have created our teaching method, an effective method, which works, and which has already led many people to become experienced riders.

Because we are passionate riders

All the instructors who are part of the Point Break crew are madly in love with the ocean, waves, wind and water sports. These are our passions, and this is our lifestyle.

Because all our instructors are certified by the Federación Canaria de Surf and ISA (Academy of Surf International)

they have an in-depth knowledge of all the spots on the island and they use a proven teaching method.

Because we are an official school of the “Federación Canaria de Surf

and as such we strictly respect the organizational standards and teaching methods required and imposed by this prestigious federation.

Because our goal is to make your stand up paddle session unforgettable and to make you passionate about this magnificent sport!

Precisely for this reason we have renounced the organizational practicality of carrying out our lessons every day at the same time, preferring instead to organize them on the basis of conditions with the aim of taking you every day to the best spot of the day and at the best time of the day.

Finally, you have to sign up for our SUP course because, as carefree as you can be, we don’t really leave anything to chance

All our instructors follow a methodical and proven teaching based on three fundamental steps:

  • We explain to you what to do and how to do it
  • We show you how to do it
  • We make you practice in total safety

High level all-inclusive equipment

Flexibility to swap activities at the last moment

Many languages spoken

Stand Up Paddle Fuerteventura – Courses for all levels

The learning process of SUP starting from zero does not present any particular obstacles: everyone can learn in a fairly short time to move around with the board, as learning takes place in flat water and therefore a quiet environment, without risks, and in perfect harmony with nature. In just a few hours, anyone can learn to move around satisfactorily on a SUP board.

It is all about increasing one’s balance and coordination skills. It is therefore essential to practice the correct techniques on water to learn how to keep the right body position to deal with the instability of the surface awhile paddling. Once learned, the SUP can be practiced anywhere, the sea, a lake or on rivers and canals. We must not forget the extreme diversity in which this activity can be practiced! From a relaxing cruising on flat water to the adrenaline of racing or surfing waves of any kind.

Learning SUP is not difficult, as long as you attend a practical course taught by expert instructors, through which you can learn the correct paddling technique and thus removing the risks of making serious mistakes of body posture for instance which would negatively affect the practice of this sport.

Course of Stand Up Paddle Fuerteventura – Cruising for beginners

Do you want to learn how to SUP? There is no better place than Fuerteventura, with the irresistible turquoise waters of Corralejo: this course is dedicated to those approaching this fun sport for the first time or to those who have paddled before but never had an actual paddling technique lesson

A few hours of course, and you will be able to paddle peacefully in the sea of Corralejo: our instructors will provide you with all the technical and practical skills necessary to practice SUP in complete autonomy and safety, making you fully appreciate the beauty of this sport.

Cruising for beginners – Stand Up Paddle SUP course in Fuerteventura

Private or group lessons (maximun 4 students per 1 instructor)

The aim of the course is to provide you with the basic but essential paddling techniques to be able to control your board, to feel stable and secure on both flat and slightly rough water and wind conditions.

You will therefore be able to paddle using a correct technique and a smoother and more powerful body motion.

The lessons begin with a theory part, then move on to the practice on the water. The initial technique is simple: in a short space of time, thanks to the help of our instructors – which are qualified FCS (Federacion Canaria de Surf) and ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) – you can venture effortlessly into long and fun paddles!

Here is what you will be taught during this SUP course – Beginner Cruising:

  • IIntroduction to tides, currents and winds to paddle safely
  • How to carry the board safely
  • Introduction to the equipment: Know the board and the paddle and how to adjust it to your height
  • Getting into the water safely
  • Kneeling paddling technique
  • How to stand up correctly
  • How to paddle correctly awhile standing
  • How to turn your board quickly in safety
  • How to fall off the board and how to get back onto the board safely
  • What to do in emergency situations

Here’s what is included in the price:

  • Lessons with an FCS (Federacion Canaria de Surf) and ASI certified instructor (Academy of Surfing Instructors)
  • Groups limited to only 4 students per instructor
  • 2 actual hours of lesson for each course day
  • Theory lesson
  • Practical lesson
  • During the course we will provide you with all the equipment needed to practice SUP in safety
  • Civil Liability Insurance
  • Insurance for possible accidents during the activities in accordance with the new regulation for “Active Tourism in Canary Islands”

Summary SUP course – Beginner Cruising

1 2 h 60,00 € 110,00 €
2 4 h 120,00 € 220,00 €
3 6 h 160,00 € 300,00 €
4 8 h 200,00 € 380,00 €
5 10 h 240,00 € 450,00 €

Course of Stand Up Paddle Fuerteventura – SUP on the waves

There is a phrase by Greg Noll – one of the most famous living surfers – that perfectly sums up the meaning of this course: “if you can’t catch the wave nothing else matters”.

That’s why, once you learn to paddle smoothly with flat water, you should try to face your first waves!

Stand Up Paddle course in Fuerteventura – SUP on Waves

Private lessons or in a group (maximun 2 students per instructor)

If you feel completely comfortable paddling in flat water, if you have a good balance and a sufficient control of the board, and again, if you want to do more than just paddle fast on a SUP, then the time has come to start riding your first waves with a paddle board!

Our stand up paddle course in waves is dedicated to those who want to improve their skills on the water, paddle technique and balance on the board, while they take their first waves on the SUP.

Our certified ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) instructors will therefore teach you how to surf starting on small waves, without creating dangers for yourself and others.

Here is what you will be taught during the lessons of this SUP wave course:

  • Knowing the sea: currents, wave formation, channels
  • Know how to identify possible dangers and how to best address them
    Safety rules, rules of precedence and surfing etiquette
  • The most effective paddling technique for catching waves
  • Positioning on the paddle board, moving from the position with feet on a parallel stance across the board to positioning in the longitudinal direction on a hybrid stance to the surfing stance
  • Transferring your weight on the board
  • How to overcome the waves to reach the line-up
  • How to paddle for a wave
  • The body positioning when the board starts to glide over the wave
  • How to recover the board and the paddle in a timely and safe manner after a fall

Here’s what is included in the price:

  • Tuition by an FCS (Federacion Canaria de Surf) and ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) certified instructor
  • Groups limited to only 2 students per instructor
  • 2 actual hours lessons each course day
  • Theory lesson
  • Practical lesson
  • During the course we will provide you with all the necessary equipment to practice SUP in safety
  • Civil Liability Insurance
  • Insurance for possible accidents during the practice of sport, in accordance with the new regulation for “Active Tourism in Canary Islands”

Sumary SUP – Wave course (SUP on the waves)

1 2 h 90,00 €  130,00 €
2 4 h 180,00 €  260,00 €
3 6 h 260,00 €  380,00 €
4 8 h 330,00 €  470,00 €
5 10 h 390,00 €  560,00 €

Sup SAFARI in Fuerteventura

Not a simple Stand Up Paddle course, but much, much more: our instructors, great experts of SUP but also of the sea, are ready to reveal to you the most evocative glimpses of the Fuerteventura island, obviously reaching them paddling on a SUP!

This, therefore, is a dynamic and fun way to discover the most beautiful lagoons of the northern coast of Fuerteventura, from an absolutely privileged point of view: that of the Ocean, of course.

The SUP safari is designed for all those who approach this wonderful sport for the first time or who have the desire to discover the island by paddling, and therefore in a completely original way.

The experience includes the same teaching program as our beginner cruising course, with the exciting variation of being held every day in a different place. In this way you will be able to enjoy always new atmospheres, reconnecting with nature and paddling with tranquility away from the chaos.

SUP Safari Bay of Corralejo

The Corralejo Bay is located right in front of our center: a few steps will be enough to get into the water and start paddling in the turquoise and relaxed waters of the bay

You will then move next to the peaceful port of Corralejo and walk along the ancient “Puertito” and the different city beaches, including the famous Waikiki beach.

1 2 h Bay of Corralejo  60,00 €

SUP Safari Bay of Majanicho

We will leave our school and, with our van, we will reach one of the pearls of the north of Fuerteventura, that is the magical – and tiny – village of Majanicho

It is a handful of fishermen’s houses overlooking the beach, where calm and tranquility reign supreme. We assure you: it will be exciting to paddle in its calm waters, enjoying the panorama offered by the charming fishermen’s houses that surround the bay.

1 2 h Bay of Majanicho  90,00 €

SUP Safari Lagoons of El Cotillo

From our school we will move to the North West coast of Fuerteventura and, we will paddle those tranquil turquoise waters, surrounded by bright white sands that contrast beautifully with the typical black volcanic rocks of this area.

 We will introduce you to a unique place, passing first among the Los Lagos de El Cotillo – ponds of volcanic origin protected by the open sea – and then paddling with serenity, guarded by the imposing and enchanting lighthouse of El Cotillo.

1 2 h Lagune of El Cotillo  90,00 €

SUP Safari Island of Lobos

It will take 10 minutes on our boat to reach the wonderful island of Lobos, a tiny island located in front of the Corralejo bay.

We will dock near the peaceful Playa de la Concha beach and paddle in its emerald green waters, embellished with many colorful fish. An unforgettable experience awaits you!

1 2 h Lobos Island  110,00 €

The SUP safari is organized for minimum of 3 people. Alternatively, you can book a private and exclusive session. To ensure a pleasant and safe experience, it is necessary to consider the tide times and the wind conditions; for this reason, a margin of flexibility is required with regards to timetables


1 2 h Bay of Corralejo 330 €
2 4 h Bay of Majanicho
3 6 h El Cotillo Lagoons
4 8 h Lobos Island

Our team

All our instructors have turned their passions into their professions and every day, on the beach as in the middle of the ocean, they give their best to deliver a great sports experience to our customers.

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